Our Approach

Certis manages wealth for high net-worth families, each with unique financial circumstances and a range of requirements and goals.  Our focus on each client has made it possible to build the expertise, resources, and relationships that guarantee client success.  Our firm does not sell any of its own products. We do not take control of our clients’ actual accounts.  What we do, and what we do very well, is offer our clients sound, protective, future-oriented financial guidance, advice and governance.

We begin each new relationship with a complete audit and inventory of our client’s financial picture, during which we get to know the client’s current financial managers and begin the process of ensuring that each manager does his or her job at the highest level of performance. Without exception, we have uncovered immediate savings opportunities for our clients through this review.  As we execute each customized strategy, our objective is to increase our clients’ wealth while simultaneously making this wealth easier and less stressful to manage.

We are committed to incorporating individual family situations and sensitivities into our management strategy.  Indeed, because of this commitment, we have frequently been asked by our clients to serve as a neutral and unemotional third party when financial realities complicate difficult family situations.  Family dynamics are important in every situation, but even the smallest details can have a big impact on the happiness experienced by each family member when significant wealth is a part of the equation.

Although it is difficult to summarize all of the services that we perform, the following list encapsulates much of what we offer our clients:

  • Objective Investment Guidance
  • Oversight of Professional Services (legal, accounting, insurance)
  • Contingency Planning (disaster readiness)
  • Beneficiary and Generational Advocacy
  • Strategic Philanthropic Advice
  • Focus on Transfer of Wealth Issues
  • Family Financial Awareness and Education