Case Study #1

Kelly Smith met Certis’ first client when they were in the process of selling a large portion of a four generation family business.  Our direct client is a member of G3 with roles as both the Trustee and the Manager of multiple family entities. Working with a full service tax consulting firm that was hired specifically for this role, we established new family entities in line with their business ideals to centralize the management of family assets.  This move also facilitated the transfer of assets to younger generations and minimized the impact of estate taxes.  We also set up three family foundations to address the family’s philanthropic interests, as well as to provide a forum for including the youngest generation in the conversation about the family’s wealth.

In addition to developing the Family Investment Policy we are responsible for all strategy, due diligence, and reporting across eighteen sub accounts. We also act as advisor to the management team of the family’s existing operating business, enabling our client to focus on his duties as a business manager while we track his duties as a fiduciary with respect to the family’s trusts and LLCs