About Us

Certis Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 2005 as a dedicated office for a family based in California’s Central Valley. Since then, Certis has opened its doors to a small number of families who can benefit from the specialized services we offer. As our clientele has grown, so has our team with each new team member bringing a new area of expertise to our firm and creating a company with a trusted pedigree and a diverse set of skills. The senior team members have decades of experience in equity and fixed income investment management, private equity investing, valuation, venture capital investing, real estate investment and analysis, insurance evaluation, estate planning, generational wealth transfer issues and accounting. The breadth of professional experience in each of these areas has strengthened Certis while adding to the depth of service we are able to offer.

Our clients are a diverse group whose wealth comes from very different sources. Each client has a unique family situation, as well as an individualized investment philosophy and goals. With the original family as the cornerstone, Certis now serves families across the United States. Our clients span three generations and we are proud of our ability to understand and meet the needs of each.

We frequently advise our clients in their philanthropic endeavors and have played a role in starting several family foundations to help our clients meet their philanthropic goals. The members of our staff are also active in a range of philanthropic activities in support of organizations such as Heal the Ocean, the Santa Barbara Foundation, the Granada Theater, The Eleos Foundation, and Special Olympics. In recognition of the beauty of the natural world and our obligation to protect it, Certis is a member of 1% for the Planet and has donated more than 1% of total revenues to environmental causes every year since being formed.

Our offices are located in the beautiful historic El Paseo in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.