Case Study #3

Certis has two clients who are similar in that they do not fit into our typical portfolio mandate, but rather use us as consultants to address their positions as beneficiaries of large family trusts.  Although there is some investment activity that we oversee for both families, our primary role is as an advocate for our clients in meetings and conversations with either the corporate trustees, or the family member trustee.  As a family office we also take on the administrative tasks that each family faces in their day to day activities.  Although we do not perform bill paying services, we do outsource to accountants and bookkeepers to manage the family accounts and payables.  For both families this encompasses managing budgets and cost accounting for residential construction projects.  For one family with young children these duties include managing the family LLC that employs the household staff.

Generational issues are significant for both of these families and consideration for harmony with family members in all generations is something that Certis takes seriously.  We have hosted many family meetings, bringing in outside experts to assist with the many facets of the issues that present themselves in families with significant wealth.